Mihaela Năstase

Mihaela is interested in photography and would love to capture her way through Latin America. She loves to spend time with her nephew and occasionally sketches.

With a capacity to embrace and adapt to change, Mihaela Năstase specializes in Public Procurement (Concessions), PPP, Administrative Law, and Construction Law.

Mihaela is detailed-oriented and has an organised approach to handling cases. She has experience advising both private and public clients in the infrastructure and construction sectors on matters related to water & sewage projects and administrative litigations.

Mihaela is proud of her colleagues’ dedication to their professional development, fair play and shared commitment to their clients.


Mihaela Nastase_ONV LAW_associate_1
M004 072 346 6063
Public Procurement, Concessions, PPP, Public Sector Utility Services Administrative Law Construction & Engineering Litigation & Arbitration