Magda Barbu-Preda

Magda is a sociable and empathic mother who loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys indulging her senses in music, cinema and food festivals, and a good stroll on mountain meadows.

With a solid 18-year track record of practicing law, Magda Barbu-Preda is specialized in Dispute Resolution, Aviation Law, Competition Law, Environmental Law, Real Estate, and Energy. She is currently coordinating the Aviation Law, Environmental Law, and Energy practice areas, and she is especially proud of the trust her colleagues have both in her, and in the team.

Magda strives to capture the whole picture of each project, feeling comfortable when having a plan for every imaginable evolution of a situation.

Believing in alternative teaching and learning methods, Magda dreams of a hands-on school, adapted to the real needs of children: from offering acceptance, love, and understanding, to teaching emerging technologies.


Magda Barbu-Preda, Managing Associate, ONV LAW
Managing Associate
M004 072 230 0132
Real Estate Aviation Law & Airport Infrastructure Competition Law Environmental Law Energy Litigation & Arbitration