Mergers & Acquisitions


We drive, advise & assist the leaders with respect to all the necessary steps and proceedings in order to safely and smoothly completing the legal transaction. We plan the strategic integration in the early pre-merger period, in the purpose of preparing the post-merger/ acquisition alignment of the organizations to fulfil the targeted business benefits.

We offer:

  • Complete and easily manageable process for the client, by implementing a well-structured approach for the whole operation (legal and organizational).
  • Advices, tools and methodologies required to manage the project according  to  the legislative framework and to the client objectives.
  • A whole range of services from different areas: Legal, HR, Organizational Design & Change Management, Project Management; Strategies and approaches, tactics and clear actions in achieving every milestone, all bundled into a coherent project plan that is monitored until the project is completed.
  • Support in risk mitigation (challenges, litigations, delays in going through the project phases and in attaining the objective).
  • Support regarding the internal & external adequate communication for mitigating potential reputational, image damages and negative operational impact.

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