Ada Pascu

Ada Pascu loves travelling and climbing the highest mountains, both in nature as well as in her professional life.

Ada Pascu joined ONV LAW team in August 2021 and she is an experienced Public and Business Law professional, with particular expertise in public administration, construction and infrastructure.

She holds 13 years of expertise in complex commercial and public law projects. Over the course of her career, she successfully represented large multinational and local infrastructure and constructions companies, as well as public bodies in various litigations totaling amounts over EUR 30 million.

Her expertise covers dispute resolution matters across a variety of legal disputes such as administrative and procurement disputes, annulment of building permits and environmental assessments, debt recovery, penalties disputes, rescission of contracts, complaints against dismissal resolution, complaints against shareholders meetings, petitions for possession or real estate property, inheritance, compensations for moral damages, etc. Over the course of her career she successfully represented various public bodies such as municipalities or municipality – owned companies in various litigations regarding public procurement matters or contracts execution.

She expects the construction and infrastructure markets to significantly grow in the next years, considering the multiple financing sources at the disposal of the Romanian authorities in the following period.


Ada Pascu, Senior Associate, ONV LAW
Senior Associate
M004 021 315 2147
Public Procurement, Concessions, PPP, Public Sector Utility Services Administrative Law Construction & Engineering Litigation & Arbitration