Bogdan Carpăn

Bogdan’s love for fitness runs deep. On the relaxing side, his list of documentaries to watch and books to read about astronomy is always growing.

Bogdan specialises in Corporate & Commercial, M&A, Real Estate, Financial & Fiscal, and frequently acted and advised a variety of leading local and global companies in the energy industry. He has in-depth experience in the power trading and renewables markets, advising clients on EFET Power Agreements, compliance issues, and M&A transactions, as well as contract negotiations.

With over 10 years’ experience in dealing with complex transactions and coordinating numerous cases, Bogdan focuses on seeking legal solutions that take into account the extensive challenges and opportunities the energy industry faces due to round-the-clock technological advancement.

Bogdan also has experience advising companies in the IT business and financial services intermediation on various aspects related to GDPR and in M&A transactions.

M004 021 315 2147
Corporate, M&A and Contracts Litigation & Arbitration